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TLP Self Drive Birmingham is proud to boast a fleet of self hire vans, that not only look fantastic but get the job done. Routine vehicle checks are carried out regularly, and every vehicle in our fleet has been fully serviced. To see which self hire van is right for your job and needs, take a look at our van fleet!

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TLP Self Drive Vans

The Luton Van is perfect for transporting a high volume of heavy items. The spacious interior helps to limit the number of trips to your drop off point. Perfect for those relocating from larger houses with more items to transport.

Easy to drive and maneuvere meaning it's slightly easier to park. Small enough to navigate through narrower streets, and do three-point turns - but big enough to fit large items like sofas and beds. Perfect for medium-scale business trade exhibitions.

A smooth driving van whose larger size reduces impact when driving over bumps in the road. Large interior allows room for lots of storage space. Perfect for those moving home.

An even larger space for loading goods. Perfect for large house clearances.

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